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Yet another tragedy: "Teenager struggled with bullying before taking his life"

Another tragic example of why we work diligently to reach our youth with this message. When will we as "Christians" ... people who are Christ-like, wake up and stop being so selfish? When will we realize that living like Jesus isn't about having more and more and the expense of others? When will we realize that it is our responsibility to society as adults to look after the needs of young people? The burden of responsibility for these tragic suicides falls upon each of us. The fact is that suicide rates are much higher among gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth than in non-identifying youth and many suicides do not even go reported as suicides.

Once again this is your responsibility and mine! Do we hear of suicides reported due to youth being supported by their families, friends, and churches? Absolutely not! It is because they feel alone. I for one will no longer ignore this responsibility...I will not hide the light that God has given me. I will not choose to silence my voice when someone needs to know they are loved and accepted. Have you given from what you have been blessed with today? Have you helped someone who is not as fortunate as you are? We never know how the people we see on the street, at our jobs, in our churches, are actually suffering. I appreciate all the wonderful people I see everyday who are sharing, who are loving others, who are supporting people less fortunate. From my position in the community I am able to see you and I am also able to see people who say they are living Christ-like who do not seem to be putting their faith into action. I hope and pray you are doing it and I am simply not aware. People who have access to the Internet to read this...people who actually have the ability to read this ...are extremely blessed. Thank you for all the love and support that I receive which helps me each and everyday when I slip and feel alone with what I do. I am never alone because Jesus is with me and you, my friends, are with me. God bless all of you!

Let's work as a community to stop this from ever happening again!

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