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Before going to bed I'd like to share some of the wonderful things that happened today.

1. While I was taking a young man to our youth support group this evening he received a phone call from his grandmother. His mother and aunts have not been supportive of his coming out but I was so happy to learn that his only living grandmother is understanding and supportive!

2. This young man and I stopped at the VBC Playhouse to check on our exhibit "From Behind The Mask". He was so amazed and inspired to see the pictures and personal stories on display!

3. After the VBC I needed to stop at my friend Tam McDowell's house for a moment. She recently published her newest book, "The Healing Year". She kindly signed a copy and gave it to this young man as a gift. He was so thrilled and excited that he had met this wonderful generous lady who is an accomplished poet and author. He said twice to me later in the evening what an amazing evening it was to see the exhibit and to meet someone who had actually written her own book! These simple gifts are what inspire our youth!

4. We had 5 teenagers at our GLBTQ youth support group tonight! All the active youth were there together which does not happen often. It was a wonderful group! In total there were 9 people sharing and laughing together.

5. After the group I waited for a young lady's father to pick her up. She is 15 and I had the privilege to be trusted with stories of some of the struggles she had while living in Atlanta during Middle School. She shared with me her concern for people she still knows there that are struggling. She has a kind and loving heart. What an honor it is to share openly about some of my mistakes and former problems and to have young people share with me! This is community.

6. Experiencing these groups is truly amazing. Everyone both youth and adults benefit from being there. I have learned so much about myself while leading these groups for almost 2 years now. I've recognized many ways in which I need to be more sensitive in the language I use and how I treat others.

7. Oh yes, I keep forgetting! My life is so much better now and yesterday and today were so busy that I forgot until later today that yesterday, March 18, was my 3 year anniversary for being clean from meth and all that other crap! Thank you for helping me rebuild my life and rebuild it in such a way that every day is truly a blessing more wonderful than I ever imagined! Just look at all the amazing things that have happened in only 3 years!!!

This is just part of one day. Other things related to our community happened before ever going to pick up this young man for group. If there is some way I can help more people understand what we do and why it is so important please show me. We desperately need funding. Desperately is not an exaggeration.

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