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President Barack Obama's 2nd inauguration speech and it's impact on marriage equality in Alabama

A newspaper reporter asked me for my opinions on President Obama's inauguration speech and how I feel it impacts marriage equality in Alabama. This is my reply. I decided to give a personal example.

"Thank you for asking for my feedback. I watched President Obama's amazing speech this evening and thought about how I wanted to respond to you. What would I say to express my feelings as a native Alabamian? How would I express what I see happening in our State? Instead of talking about the frustrations and the struggles we face in Alabama, I would like to give you a personal example and hope that you can fit it in because it comes from my heart.

President Obama’s public support of equality has played a pivotal role in giving me hope, just as I try to give hope to others. Many years ago, when I was a young closeted gay man in Alabama, I never imagined or dreamed that I would one day be able to have an open committed same-sex relationship. Today, as a much older and very public gay man in Alabama, I not only imagine this, but I have hope that I will one day have this relationship and that I will be able to express this love through the public and legal commitment of marriage. This hope is what fuels the courage of people across Alabama and our nation as we press forward and demand our Civil and Human Rights, which include marriage equality. Today, Barack Obama proved himself to be a true leader by being the first President to publicly acknowledge that the love of his gay brothers and sisters is equal to his own. We lead by example, and today I experienced renewed pride in our nation."

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