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... the road less traveled ...

Today I came upon a road less traveled. It called to me not as a stranger, but as a friend because the road less traveled is a road I have come to know well. We talked about the times I had walked alone. We remembered good times, exciting times, frightening times, and lonely times. Then the road spoke to me of another traveler who has also walked its path alone. The road told me that it knows you, my Beloved. I smiled and understood that this road less traveled was showing me who we are and inviting us to walk its path together.

Beloved, will you join me on a new journey down the road less traveled? Will you hold my hand while we help one another on our journeys? Will you share your path with me as I share mine with you while we create a new road less traveled where we no longer walk alone?

Today I walked again to this road less traveled...

A gate of decisions and choices greeted me.

My spirit knew that if this new journey together is never chosen, I will love you all the same. If it is chosen years from now or in another life, I will love you all the same, for I understand that our individual roads less traveled are well-worn and familiar to us. Even though they may be painful at times, they can also be comfortable and very rewarding. These roads have guided us on our journeys to become who we are today ... to know ourselves.

We are free spirits, and I celebrate your spirit as you follow your dreams, moving forward with me on a road we share or continue on roads of our own. In truth, my road less traveled will never be far from yours because I see you now. I will always be nearby to lift you if you need me, share my strength if you seek it, and share the light that shines through me when darkness attempts to hide your way.

Today I walked again to this road less traveled...

I felt Creation move around me as I passed through space and time

I felt the Universe in eternal motion

I thought of my place in this life

I thought of you

I realized

Everything is in motion

All is as it should be.


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