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"May Your Words Continue To Heal" Dedicated to Frank Malaba


When you shared this with me my heart sang a familiar song,

not a song I had heard in this life but a song I had been searching for,

your song, a song I recognized across eternity,

your song, in tune with my soul.

You sleep on the other side of the world but in my heart

you are always awake,

your spirit is always nearby,

I find you close when I reach out to touch you with my heart...

because I see you.

I see your rare and timeless beauty,

I see your work to heal the wounds of our people,

I see your selfless duty to bring peace to a searching world,

I see you.

I know these things about you as I know myself for we are kindred spirits.

We are brothers on a journey that shines light in the darkness,

we are partners with a mission shared with countless others,

healing our wounds as we strive to bring healing to the world,

I see you.

I know you.

Gentle and strong spirit of love,

Peace, be your journey.

- James Robinson

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