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I found this untitled poem in an old Bible of mine ... I wish I could claim I wrote it because it is

This sounds like something I could have written but I am simply not sure. It was on an old piece of my paper in a Bible from years ago. If you recognize it from someone else please let me know.

"How do you know when you love someone, both inside and out,

Love them with all your heart, without the slightest doubt?

It's when you sit there by the phone, hoping it will ring,

Just so you can hear that voice, that to you comfort brings.

It's when your eyes get misty, so full of memory tears,

And you wonder where time has gone, and think of wasted years.

It's when you can tell them anything, no secrets can you hide,

Your feelings show much much more, when they are by your side.

It's when you don't know what to say, can't decide what's right or wrong,

When sometimes you show them weak, when you are really strong.

It's when you know you trust them, in anything they do,

When you can let them have their friends, and know they still love you.

It's when you have no control, of your heart or your smile,

When you feel an emptiness, when you haven't seen them for a while.

It's when you look up at the stars, on a dark and moonless night,

And wish they were there with you, to see that wonderful sight.

It's when you're riding down the street, behind an old car with a miss,

And you see the couple that's inside, give each other a kiss.

It's when you think about tomorrow, instead of what happened yesterday,

And you think you can't go on, without loving them this way.

It's when you dream a dream, and dream it very well,

It's when all these things, to your love you can tell."

- Unknown

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