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We Call Upon Creation

We Call Upon Creation

“We call upon Creation,

We bring forth words of Wisdom from the Universe,

Words that are Truth to our Existence,

Words to give Birth to a new Journey.”

Vibrations …

The Universe is Vibration,

We learn the harmony of our mother’s heartbeat with our own,

Both sustaining our life,

As children we are subjected to the vibration of the World,

Often out of rhythm with our own.

As we are given the gift of years we learn to recognize the vibration of our True Self,

True Self searches for harmony,

Comfort in the familiar,

Kinship with the Universe.

A Soulmate crosses our path,

A rare and priceless gift is spread before us causing us to pause and hope,

Do we accept the challenge of joining our vibration with another?

A Soul is opened to us,

Exposing it to the brutal realities of rejection,

Exposing it to the unfathomable depths of love…

“We call upon Creation,

Share with us your words of Wisdom,

Your vibration …

Words that are Truth to our Existence.”

- James Robinson

Inspired during the first weeks of my relationship with Frank Malaba which at that time was a growing friendship which grew to become more.

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