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"Don't Give Up" Let's all be open and honest... about Mental Illness

Many of us struggle with and suffer with various forms of mental illness sometimes throughout our lives... sometimes off and on. For some reason which I do not understand our society seems to encourage us to keep this hidden and in doing this reduces the awareness of the many forms of successful treatment that are available. When we do not understand the seriousness of these problems and acknowledge that we are all affected either directly or indirectly we hurt ourselves and others. I believe ALL people should have equal access to the best professional care available and the best form of support from our loved ones. I am one of those that had access to care and information that improved the quality of my life. I still have a more limited form of access... This morning I read this post and listened to this song. The post was written today by Frank Malaba. I continue to be inspired by his courage and resolve to be open and honest. I am honored to witness this through his life. I am humbled and once again choose to share my own struggle as I share this message from his heart.

"I have just had a good cry to this. Been feeling a bit weepy lately, being surrounded by so much hatred, massacres, racial intolerance, stinky attitudes and battling my own clinical depression. I have battled depression since I was 16. It has never gone away. I have learnt to manage it and tried to always live a life that pushes it to the back seat.

I know there are many other people out there that have told someone to be happier, or "snap out of it" etc... It doesn't help. Sometimes all we need as people that battle this condition is for you to shut the hell up and sit down and be with us. trying to talk us out of it is like pushing us to suicide. I have tried to talk to many people about it and most times I have sat on the brink of suicide right after the conversation because I realise I shall probably never be able to verbalise or explain what happens in my mind and being in that moment that the heavy fog sits on me. I could be around millions of people having the best time and once in a life time experience and still be very empty.

I just want it known that you don't have to say anything to show that you care sometimes. JUST BE THERE. EVEN IN SILENCE. EVEN WHEN WE DON'T WANT TO TALK. I HAVE BEEN SILENT FOR TOO LONG. Many People Are Hurting Deep Within And They Can't Tell You Because You Overwhelm Them With Ideas Of How They Should Be Happy. You Will Lose Them. Be Quiet and Love. That's One Of The Ways You Can Help Heal Depressed People. Don't Be Demanding Of Their Joy And Happiness. That Is Part Of The Pain That Drives People To Feel Like They Are Not Good Enough Because They Can't Feel And See What You See. Just Be Quiet And Love. If We Want To Talk, We Will.

Take It From Someone Who Has Stood On The Threshold.

All this said, there are different afflictions of depression for different people. I shared mine and what it is that has been hard most of my life. I am surrounded by love and friends who build. Thank you for all your love. Let's hope we all continue this journey with a little more understanding and tolerance."

[Insert Profanity Here]

August 22, 2014 Frank Malaba

Don't Give Up ft. Pink and John Legend

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