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My Snow Day

This morning I awoke to a rare and beautiful event in the Deep South… a Winter Wonderland! Here in Alabama and other parts of the Deep South we rarely have significant winter snow events so when we have them we Southerners often just enjoy them. Most of us are able to simply step back from our busy schedules and the daily demands of life and stay home for a while. The stress of our everyday lives vanishes for a brief time because no one expects us to drive in the snow! Another thing that makes this so special here is that the snow only lasts a few days at the most so we do not lose our appreciation of its uniqueness and beauty.

I started my day by bundling up in warm clothes and taking a long walk. There is a special calmness and quiet across the countryside where I live when the land and trees are covered with snow. It is as if the birds and other animals are at peace and traffic is almost non-existent. I journeyed past the homes of my neighbors… one yelled across the quarter mile that separated us to ask me if we were ok and to see if we needed anything. It was refreshing to know that we still look out for each other at times when someone could need our help.

I left the road and made my way through woods where I followed the tracks left by a Whitetail Deer and at other times I made my own path. The woods were quiet and the limbs of the trees above me were heavy with snow. Every now and then I was pummeled with a snowball that fell from far above… released as if by some forest spirit that was playing with me. When the wind caught the tall trees I was given the privilege of passing through my own personal brief blizzard as snow made its way to the earth from the trees which covered my way.

I thought of my dear Grandmother who passed to another existence. She was and is my connection to nature. I remembered the times she walked with me through these woods and taught me about the trees and other plants. She was with me today in spirit. I thought about my work at the non-profit I founded, Free2Be, where I endeavor to help people who need our love and support. I thought of my past, my present, and my future… it was a good morning.

Sometimes we all need these unexpected days when we can disconnect from the obligations and other commitments that we fill our lives with as if we would not be ‘living’ without them. I lived today. I took pictures and appreciated the love that fills my life. I am thankful for my snow day.

- James Robinson

Snow Trees.jpg

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