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Condensed Milk ... Embrace Yourself!

I recognize and acknowledge that the life I am living is filled with wondrous experiences. The past days and months feel like I am a brother to condensed milk. If you have ever opened a can of condensed milk, taken your finger or a spoon, and savored the luxurious richness of it and thought, 'This is milk?' then you may know what I mean when I say that life, with all its bits and pieces concentrated into who we are can taste as sweet as condensed milk.

Experiences sometimes feel great while at other times, let's just say not so great. I believe that by looking deeply into our experiences we can often connect them to the reasons why we had them. Some people may simply say the experience helped them remember something important they had lost sight of, others may say an experience simply made them realize that they needed to take some action or do something differently in the future to increase the odds of a favorable result or outcome. Sometimes we may look deeply into an experience and feel angst or simply not see any connection to anything except the experience itself. Some people, myself included, believe that things happen for specific reasons to provide us with guidance on our journey, to give us strength and hope, to challenge us, to help us become who we are meant to be.

Whatever the result of looking deeply into your experiences I encourage you to stop, breath, open your heart to what you may see and look deeply into your experiences. Find your ‘condensed milk’. I know it is there! Embrace yourself as who you are and where you are because you are rich sweetness!

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