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Embracing Home

How does one count the stars?

Even though it is an impossible task, I feel I need to try. Not the stars in the night sky but the stars which are the joys, hopes, and blessings I am given in this life.

Where do I begin? I suppose the present is a good place to begin this impossible task. At this moment in time, I am in a space of joy and fulfillment. My body and my spirit are present in Cape Town, South Africa. I have come home to a home that I did not know existed, a home whose absence I had not recognized.

Yesterday when the wheels of my plane touched the ground, a tangible surge of energy, a surge of power flowed through my body.

As I prepared to embark on this new part of a journey that I began more than three years ago, I was keenly aware that my spirit was being drawn toward something, toward experiences that it longed to engage. My spirit was reaching out to connect with my future.

We say, "Home is where the heart is.". I have come home to a place and time when the home of my birth family and my ancestors welcomes this addition to 'where my heart is' ... I have come home to Afrika. I have come home to Frank Malaba.

- James Robinson

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