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A Beginning

A New Road Less Traveled

Today I walked again to the road less traveled.

I looked ahead to my future,

I looked backward to my past.

My future was clear,

My past was gone.

I had searched through the Universe,

I had traveled through space and time,

searching for a man who would journey down the road less traveled with me.

I was tired,

I was wounded,

I had watched hope drift away.

Space and time had become deserts of loneliness.

As an Angel soaring down from Heaven to save me,

you came into my life.

My wounds healed,

my hope returned.

Space and time were filled with the light of your love.

You grasped my hand,

and I knew you were the man who will walk with me

down a new road less traveled.

A road we will create together that is beautiful and unique.

A road upon which our steps will cause the world to tremble with our love and kindness.

You own my heart.

The light that flows through you shines like the sun,

never to allow the darkness of loneliness to consume me again.

My search is over.

My heart is full.

I rejoice.

- James Robinson

September 17, 2023

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